Motorised External Venetian Blinds

Motorised External Venetian blinds are perfect for domestic or commercial environments and they look so good with a modern style than stands out from the rest. External Venetians reduce the sun’s penetration by up to 93% helping with your energy costs and providing huge advantages in running your air conditioning also can be installed internally.

The slats let in natural light and sunlight through whilst minimising uncomfortable glare, you can tilt the slats at any position to control the amount of light or privacy you require with great size of blades 60/70/80/90mm this is easily done, You can also bring the Venetian all the way up to have a uninterrupted view from your window and or bring the Venetian all the way down all by a press of a button.

Thanks to Somfy torque motor drive system the Venetian motor unit runs quiet and smooth Using remote control or with Somfy My Link System which can be incorporated with other products to work in-sink to each other. Optional we can add weather sensors such as wind or rain sensors provides giving you the best out of the system.

ShutterShop Blinds are Made in Australia to the high grade Quality & are all made to measure. They are dust & mould resistant & do not fade. ShutterShop will come out to your premises with a great rage of colours to give that wow factor that you desire.

Motorised External Venetian Blinds Brochure

Motorised External Venetian Blinds Brochure