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Using pen or pencil and measuring tape (metal is best) record your window measurements on this form. Take 3 measurements for width and height and use the smallest one.

Enter room description below

Example - living room 1, bath room, main bed room, bed room 2

Enter width below

Measure from the farthest left point of the window frame to the farthest right point of the window frame

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Measure from the highest point of the top frame to the lowest point of the bottom frame of the window

No. of Panels

State number of panels required for the window

Configuration of the Panels

If 2 panels required on one window, then it is Left, Right panels. If you want more than 2 panels, we would have to insert a T-post.

main bedroom 1800(mm) 2050(mm) 1/2/3/4/5/6 2 panels: LR / 4 panels: LR T LR