Sunhoods & Window Screens

ShutterShop Have a great selection and designs of Sunhoods and Window Screens. They work well on top of the window or in front of the window to screen or blockout direct harsh Sunlight. They are all custom made as to customer requirements. You can choose from Slats, Louvres, Timber and Laser Cut screen and come either clear anodized aluminium or Powder-coated with full range of colour choices from Colorbond Chart or from Dulux powder-coat Chart. They look good and have a great modern architecture appearances to either homes, units and commercial. Please see PDF colour Charts.

Colorbond Sunhoods Colour Chart

Colorbond Colour Chart

Dulux Powder Coating Colour Chart

Dulux Powder Coating Colour Chart

Sunhoods & Screens Specification Sheets

Specification Sheets