Commercial Portfolio

  • Enmore Sliding Panels

    Enmore Sliding Panels

    Sliding panels with fixed 90mm Aerofoil Louvres fixed Vertically with a divider…

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  • Willoughby Privacy Screen

    Willoughby Privacy Screen

    Create privacy screen between units using 90mm louvres fixed into panels allowing…

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  • The Old Children Hospital Annandale

    The Old Children Hospital Annandale

    Create a Privacy Screen which is in - keeping with the building…

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  • Mcdonald Jones Homes Potts Hill

    Mcdonald Jones Homes Potts Hill

    New Home, Full installation of 48 Plantation shutters consisting of sliding and…

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  • GalloHair at Darlinghurst

    GalloHair at Darlinghurst

    Crown street, Darlinghurst - Colour Match Straight Drop Awnings to Building structure.

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  • Rawson Homes Seven Hills

    Rawson Homes Seven Hills

    Photo of complete job from Outside consisting of 59 Panels of plantation…

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  • Ascot Gardens Dementia Centre

    Ascot Gardens Dementia Centre

    Design & Construct Gable Slat Screen In-Fill 9 in Total consist of…

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  • Leichhardt Italian Forum

    Leichhardt Italian Forum

    Design and Construct Combination of Sliding, Hinged, Double Hinged, with 90mm Operable…

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  • Leichhardt Fixed Louvre Screens

    Leichhardt Fixed Louvre Screens

    Design and Construct White Fixed Louvre Screen over Windows with 90mm Louvre…

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